Lancet in RBC top-50 rating of Russias fastest growing companies for the second year in a row

November 2015, RBC magazine monthly business magazine, leader in Moscow among monthly business titles and the second most popular business magazine in Russia publishes the annual rating of fast growing companies in Russia RBC top-50. Russias fastest growing companies. This year Lancet in on 36th place among companies of various sectors of economy. Thus Lancet is among 13 companies maintaining their presence in RBC ranking for the second year in a row.
RBC looked into companies three-year financial results (2011 2014). Only Russian private companies with more than 3 billion rubles revenue in 2014 and annual revenue growth of minimum 20 percent during 2012 2014 years were chosen as candidates to get in RBC top-50.
The second stage a growth rate (total score) for companies that correspond to the conditions of the sample was calculated. The growth rate is required due to different scales of companies: revenue growth 1 - 5 billion rubles and 20 - 50 billion should have a different weight.
This year ranking has increased from 30 to 50 companies (on the previous year). But for this only 30% last year's champions would have retained commendation this year. The selection system is strict - it is necessary not just to double billion rubles business every three years (less progress does not let to get to the ranking), but also to do it on a regular basis.
Companies are not included in the ranking are those which havent showed 20%-growth result at least once (for example, for this reason the list of 2015 doesnt include Mail.Ru Group - extremely successful by any standard). Only two companies of thirteen included in both rankings (2014 and 2015) have improved their ranks, ten have worsened their positions and one remained on the same rank. Fast growing companies ranking complies with Red Queens principle: it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place.

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