Leadership team

Effective and professional teamwork is the basis of Lancet development
  • Vladimir Belay
    General Director
    Mr. Belay has been running the company since July 2017.
    Holds cross-cultural communication and linguistics degree, M.S. in Management and Economics of Enterprise, TRIUM Global EMBA. He has more than fifteen years executive experience in Russian largest companies of various industries, managed the projects in automotive, coal mining & metallurgy, logistics, construction, and timber sector.
  • Vladimir Pokrovsky
    Deputy General Director Corporate Development
    Mr.Pokrovsky is a co-owner of the company.
    Mr.Pokrovsky has higher medical education, PhD, MBA degree of Moscow International Higher Business School (MIRBIS). He has over twenty years experience in senior positions in companies of the pharmaceutical market.
  • Anton Zybin
    Deputy General Director Strategic Development
    Mr.Zybin is a co-owner of the company.
    He has a degree in economics, and IMD International (Switzerland) Executive MBA degree. He has more than eighteen years of prior experience in the pharmaceutical market companies.
  • Andrey Telyatnikov
    Commercial Director
    Mr.Telyatnikov joined the company in May 2012.
    He holds a medical degree, and the MBA degree of the British School of Business. He has been working in the pharmaceutical sphere for over nineteen years. He supervised the projects of Rossib Pharmatsia of the ROSTA Group, was the National Sales Manager of the Russian headquarters of AstraZeneca.
  • Petr Baranov
    Business Development and Marketing Director
    Mr.Baranov joined the company in May 2017.
    Holds a medical degree with honor and the business degree of The St. Petersburg State University of Economics. Has more than twenty years’ experience in the pharmaceutical sphere. Mr.Baranov has over two years’ experience in Business Development. For the last thirteen years was in leadership positions in Russian representative offices of world leading pharmaceutical companies.
  • Denis Kechko
    Director of Logistics
    Mr. Kechko joined the company in January 2016.
    Holds higher pharmaceutical education, MBA degree in Supply Chain Management of Higher School of Economics.
    He got more than seventeen  years’ executive experience in Logistics, including more than ten years in pharmaceutical sphere.